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Okanagan Vineyard

Find Calm for Your Mind & Peace for Your Soul

A therapeutic weekend retreat for anyone impacted by an abortion experience.

✓ Confidential

✓ Non-Judgmental Support

✓ Guided Inner-Work

The trauma of an abortion can stay with you months or decades later.

  • emotions may surface unexpectedly

  • it can be difficult to connect to your spouse, partner, children or others

  • intrusive thoughts may interrupt activities or daily life

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome is real. 
Finding effective help is hard.

But we believe you deserve freedom from any feelings of anger, pain, guilt, shame, or regret an abortion experience may have caused. Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats are created by caring souls with science-backed insight and offer lasting, spiritual hope.


A Weekend for Healing

  • A proven, weekend process developed by a leading Psychologist in the area of Post Abortion Trauma​

  • A safe place to deal with the thoughts and feelings you’ve had nowhere to express


A Weekend for Compassion

  • Be unconditionally loved and cared for by our team and other participants who understand your pain

  • Confidential help and support from our retreat leaders


A Weekend for Self-Care

  • Uninterrupted time to focus on yourself and your worth

  • A comfortable, peaceful setting away from the distractions of day-to-day life

  • Delicious food and plenty of snacks

Participants of any faith or no faith background discover a new sense of self-worth and healing through scripture-based meditations and exercises. Come as you are and receive what you need.

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Stories of Hope

“The Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat weekend is a powerful step in the right direction of the journey towards wholeness that we all are traveling. Having attended my first retreat weekend in Beautiful Seton House in Kelowna I know now that that was the beginning of a journey into freedom that I never thought I could have. I had no idea the depth of the impact the abortion that we were involved in had on my inner soul. The Rachel’s Vineyard retreat was a gentle introduction into looking at the issues that surrounded the abortion that were plaguing me even though I did not fully realize they were.”

Retreat Participant

Give Yourself the Gift of Prioritizing Your Wholeness

1. Reach Out to our Retreat Coordinator

With assurance of confidentiality, our local coordinator is happy to answer your questions. We’ll do our best to arrange a time to meet in person so you can see a familiar face at the retreat.

2. Attend the Retreat

The entire weekend is created to give you the opportunity to focus on yourself. We’ll take care of everything from delicious meals and snacks to quiet, comfortable accommodation. We’ll work through an expertly created process of reflective exercises. You’ll use leading-edge methods and scriptural promises to move your body, soul and mind toward healing and hope.

3. Live a Bigger Story

You are more than the experiences of the past. This weekend is just the beginning of life beyond your pain. With new connections and access to ongoing support, you’ll feel loved, cared for and free to thrive.

Things only get better when healing becomes a priority.

We know you want to live an engaged, healthy life. But when you suffer from post abortion trauma, the effects of the past can creep into today's relationships, daily function and the way you see yourself. 

Coping techniques fall short, so where do you turn when you've had enough of the turmoil an abortion has caused in your life?

Rachel's Vineyard Retreat provides an opportunity to invest a weekend in yourself and find freedom from the heaviness. Be guided through a proven process which blends sensory-based exercises with the hope found in biblical scripture. 

The program runs in over 50 countries, and our caring, trained local team makes this life-changing program available twice a year in Kelowna. 

We believe everyone deserves support and healing when suffering from the trauma of an abortion experience. 

We'd love for you to join us.
So, contact our Kelowna Coordinator about attending the next Kelowna Retreat. And in the meantime, learn more about Rachel's Vineyard here. Abortion doesn't have to keep a painful grip on your life. Devote a weekend to focus on yourself and embrace your future with healing and peace.


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Join Our Next Retreat: October 18-20, 2024

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Are you or is someone you love experiencing Post Abortion Trauma?

Check out our helpful resource as an empowering first step toward healing.

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